Unlock Your Business Potential with Spendmapp: A Powerful Tool for Loc

Published on 28 June 2024


Southern Grampians Shire Council would like to let community and business owners know about the availability of Spendmapp, an innovative tool that can provides unique data insights to understand spending habits in the Shire. This initiative aims to support local businesses by equipping with information to support their marketing and promotion campaigns. 

What is Spendmapp? 

Spendmapp is a powerful data analytics tool that offers real-time insights into consumer spending habits across various sectors. By understanding customer preferences and spending patterns, businesses can make informed, data-driven decisions that optimize marketing strategies, enhance inventory management, and identify opportunities for growth. 

Rory Neeson, Director of Wellbeing, Planning and Regulation encouraged business owners to get in touch with Council to utilise this tool. “By leveraging the data insights from Spendmapp, businesses in the Southern Grampians Shire can enhance their planning, boost their competitive edge, and ultimately contribute to the economic vitality of our region.” 

How Spendmapp Can Benefit Your Business 

Understanding Consumer Behaviour:  

Spendmapp provides detailed insights into where and how consumers are spending their money. For example, in May 2024, visitors to Hamilton increased their spending on dining and entertainment by 19%, equating to $89,361 compared to May 2023. This type of information allows businesses to tailor their offerings to meet current consumer demands. 

Optimizing Marketing Strategies:  

By identifying peak spending periods for specific products or services, businesses can align their marketing efforts to maximise impact. For instance, the second largest trading day in 2023 was Black Friday, when $1.1 million was spent, with $350,000 coming from visitors outside the Shire. This data can help businesses plan their promotional activities for maximum effect. 

Enhancing Market Performance Tracking:  

Spendmapp offers a comprehensive view of spending in your retail area, enabling you to make informed decisions on inventory, pricing, and new offerings. Benchmark your performance against local trends and identify opportunities for improvement and growth. 

Planning for Expansion:  

If you’re considering expanding your business, Spendmapp provides crucial data to help you choose the best new locations. By analysing spending patterns in different areas, you can find the optimal sites for new stores or services. 

Get Started with Spendmapp 

We encourage all local businesses to take advantage of this valuable resource. For more information on how Spendmapp can help your business, please contact our Economic Development team at ecodev@sthgrampians.vic.gov.au or call us at (03) 5573 0240. 


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