Information for Public Inspection

Council maintains a range of documents and registers for public inspection.

Documents are available for inspection at Council's Brown Street Business Centre, 111 Brown Street, Hamilton. To arrange an inspection please contact Council on (03) 5573 0444.

The following documents are available for public inspection:

  • Details of overseas or interstate travel (with the exception of interstate travel by land for less than 3 days) undertaken in an official capacity by Councillors or any member of Council staff in the previous 12 months .
  • Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes held in the previous 12 months, except if the minutes relate to parts of meetings which have been closed to members of the public under the Local Government Act 2020.
  • Register of delegations kept under Sections 11(8) of the Local Government Act 2020.
  • Details of leases entered into by the Council as lessor.
  • Register of authorised officers appointed under Section 224 of the Act.
  • A list of donations and grants made by the Council during the financial year.
  • Personal Interest Returns, in accordance with Section 135 of the Local Government Act 2020 and Regulation 10 of the Local Government (Governance and Integrity) Regulations 2020.
  • Election Campaign Donations for Candidates during the 2020 Election.