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Laws about fires

Is today or tomorrow a day a Total Fire Ban day?
Southern Grampians Shire is in the South West district for Total Fire Bans.

Do fire restrictions apply to Southern Grampians Shire now?
Fire restrictions - the Fire Danger Period - are introduced by CFA late Spring to early summer depending on how the seasonal conditions are affecting fire danger. They usually conclude late autumn, again depending on seasonal conditions.

Southern Grampians Shire Community Local Law has provisions governing the lighting of fires all year round (Local law clauses 95 & 96). Total fire ban and fire danger period limitations over-ride local laws when they are in force.

Prepare and get ready

The CFA has a wide range of Fire Safety publications to help the community plan and prepare for fires.

The CFA publications include:

Fire Danger Ratings
Understand how the Fire Danger Rating Scale will alert you to danger so you can take action.

Fire Restrictions - Can I Can't I
Explains the rules for Total Fire Ban days and during the Fire Danger Period.

Home Fire Safety
Information about smoke alarms, cooking, electrical appliances and heating.

Grassfires in Urban Areas
Information to help you know how to protect yourself and your property from grassfires, if you live near cities and towns.

Your Guide to Survival
This ‘go to guide’ informs you on information such as how to stay informed on fire risk days, why you should leave early, what information to gather ahead of fire season for you and your family, understand what to expect during a bushfire and guidance on how to stay informed of fires across your area.

To access these publications in a language other than English visit
There are also publications in Easy English which can be found at

Forest Fire Management Victoria web site has information on:
Planned burning
Managing bushfire risk
Traditional owner burns

Recovery from fire

Information to assist you immediately after a fire in your home is available on the CFA web site and a brochure.

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