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How do I apply for a Building Permit?

Before applying for a building permit, you need to choose a Building Surveyor. You may choose either a Council Building Surveyor or a Private Building Surveyor.

You, your Architect or Builder can apply for the permit. You need to authorise the Architect or Builder in writing to make the application on your behalf. Do not sign a blank Building Permit Application form authorising others to obtain permits for you.

Always check that a Building Permit has been issued before any work commences.

Council’s Building Surveyor can assist you with your Building Permit application. We also provide a limited Building Permit service within the local adjoining Shire Council areas.

What other permits do I need to build?

Regardless of whether you need a building permit, you may require a planning permit. You can also check with Council's Environmental Health Department whether you will need any additional business permits, should you be planning to run a business from the property.

When a building design does not comply with residential siting requirements, you will need to apply for a report and consent (often known as dispensation). Applications for siting Report and Consent are generally advertised to affected neighbours.

All Forms and Links can be found on the Building Resources and Forms webpage.

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