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Current Works and Projects

Road Rehabilitation

Works are underway on our road rehabilitation program.
Works will be completed on the following roads in 2019/2020:

  • Rudolphs Lane, Moutajup - between Forest Lane and Warrayure Road
  • Hensley Park Road, Hamilton - between Henty Hwy and Mt Cavendish Road
  • Wilderness Road, Gritjurk - between Cavendish-Coleraine Road and Glenelg Hwy
  • Lake Road, Croxton East - between Hamilton Hwy and Hamilton-Chatsworth Road
  • Wedge Street, Hamilton - between Portland Road and Henderson Street
  • Camerons Road, Pigeon Ponds - between Coleraine-Edenhope Road and Hobbs Road
  • Mill Road at Tarrington/Strathkellar, between Tarrington-Strathkellar and McIntyres Crossing Road
  • Mill Road at M Campbells Road, between Tarrington-Strathkellar and McIntyres Crossing Road
  • Scholfield Lane, Culla - between Portland Lane and Mooree Culla Road
  • McDougalls Lane, Nareen - between Coleraine-Edenhope Road and Nareen Road
  • Mill Road at Warburtons Road, between Tarrington-Strathkellar and McIntyres Crossing Road
  • Mt Baimbridge Road, Hamilton - between Leahy Street and King Street
  • Morgiana Road, between Murndal Road and Claytons Road
  • Hector Street, Hamilton - between Park Street and Bree Road

Road Reseals


  • Clarence Street, Hamilton - between King Street and Hector Street
  • Clarendon Street, Hamilton - between Foster Street and Rountree Street
  • Coleraine Caravan Park Road - between Winter Street and Turnball Street
  • Coleraine Pool Sealed Area
  • Cox Street, Hamilton - between Lonsdale Street and Alexandra Parade
  • Digby Road, Hamilton - Dartmoor-Hamilton Road
  • Factory Lane, Penshurst - between Chesswas Street and French Street
  • French Street, Penshurst
  • Gardiner Street, Coleraine - between Church Street and McKebery Street
  • George Street, Hamilton - between Mt Napier Road and Ballarat Road
  • Horwitz Street, Hamilton - between Alexandra Parade and Shakespeare Street
  • Hyland St, Hamilton
  • King Street, Hamilton - between King Street and Mt Baimbridge Road
  • Lodge Road, Hamilton - Portland Road
  • McConochie Street, Coleraine - between Robertson Street and Winter Street
  • McKebery Street, Coleraine - between Gage Street and Gardner Street
  • Memorial Road, Glenthompson - between Thompson Street to Memorial Road
  • Mt Napier Road, Hamilton - between Berry Court and Petschels Lane
  • Mt Napier Road, Hamilton - surface change to South Boundary Road
  • Shanahan Court, Hamilton - between Hyland Street and end bowl
  • Tyers Street, Hamilton - between Haig Street and Bree Road
  • Janet Avenue, Hamilton - between McMillan Street and end bowl
  • Brimacombe Street, Glenthompson - seal change to Brady Street
  • Casterton Road, Coleraine - between end bowl and Cameron Street
  • Church Street, Coleraine - between Robertson Street and Cameron Street
  • Sawpit Gully Road Culvert


  • Ackerleys Road, Hamilton - between Mt Baimbridge Road and Sobeys Road
  • Annetts Road, Morgiana
  • Ardachy Estate Road, Branxholme
  • Benschs Road, Tarrington
  • Blackwood-Dunkeld Road, Dunkeld
  • Byaduk Ardoon Road, Byaduk North - between Bridge and Ardoon Road
  • Byaduk Penshurst Road, Byaduk - between Chamberlains Road and Mt Napier Road
  • Camerons Road, Pigeon Ponds
  • Careys Road, Nareen
  • Cavendish Coleraine Road
  • Cavendish Coleraine Road, Cavendish - Hawkins Creek Bridge
  • Cavendish Coleraine Road, Coleraine - between Melville Forest Vasey Road and Loading Ramps
  • Cavendish Glendinning Road, Cavendish
  • Cemetery Lane, Penshurst
  • Chetwynd Nareen Road, Nareen - between McCorkindales Road and Woodacres Road
  • Coojar Lane, Coojar
  • Diproses Road, Bulart
  • Dunbar Court, Hamilton
  • Glendinning Road, Cavendish - between Natimuk Hamilton Road and Yarramyljup Road
  • Hensley Park Road, Hensley Park
  • Koornong Estate Road, Branxholme
  • Langes Lane, Yatchaw
  • Lovatdale Lane, Glenthompson - between Glenelg Hwy and Bundoran Lane
  • Lovells Lane, Dunkeld
  • McFarlanes Lane, Pigeon Ponds
  • Melville Forest Road, Melville Forest
  • Mill Road, Strathkellar
  • Mill Road, Moutajup
  • Moodies Road, Hamilton - between Henty Hwy and Nigretta Road
  • Morris Road, Wannon
  • Nareen Road, Nareen - Wando River
  • Nareen Road - Coojar Lane
  • Nareen Road, Nareen - Tarrayoukyan Road
  • Satimer Road, Sawpit Gully
  • Satimer Road, Wando Vale
  • Shaws SS Road, Tahara - Peppers Road
  • Walkenhorst Road, Tarrington
  • Woodward St, Hamilton

Final Seals

  • Balochile Road, Coleraine
  • Zig Zag Road, Coleraine
  • Chesswas Street, Penshurst - between French Street and Martin Street
  • Balochile Road, Coleraine
  • McIntyres Crossing Road, Moutajup
  • Tabor Road, Tabor
  • Dickens Street, Hamilton, Hamilton - between Coleraine Road and Stephen Street
  • Gray Street, Hamilton, Hamilton - between Cross Street and Elva Avenue
  • Winninburn Road, Tarrenlea
  • Branxholme-Byaduk Road, Branxholme
  • McIntyres Crossing Road, Moutajup
  • Tulse Hill Settlement Road, Carapook
  • Carapook Road, Carapook
  • Branxholme-Byaduk Road, Branxholme
  • Lonsdale Street, Hamilton - between Kennedy Street and Scoresby Street
  • Careys Ranges Road, Branxholme - between Ardachy East Road and Murndal-Branxholme Road
  • Gray Street, Hamilton, Hamilton - between Rountree Street and Tyers Street
  • Bree Road, Hamilton - between King Street and Beggs Court
  • Winninburn Road, Tarrenlea
  • Gray Street, Hamilton, between Tyers Street and Cross Street
  • Satimar Road, Wando Vale
  • Red Road, Bulart
  • Melville Forest Road, Bulart

Bridge Construction and Maintenance

Works are underway on our Bridge Maintenance program for 2019/20.

Maintenance on the following bridges will be completed prior to Christmas 2019:

Bridge Replacement

Replacement of the Byaduk-Ardoon Road Bridge will commence on 18 November and is expected to take three months to complete. Detours will be in place throughout the works.

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