Pay an infringement


Most of the infringement notices Council issues are for serious, safety-related offences.

You can find information about how to pay or appeal a parking fine on the back of your infringement notice.

Making a payment

You can pay your infringement at Council Customer Service. Or you can pay your infringement online here Infringement Online Payment

Failure to take any action on an infringement will result in additional penalties being applied and the infringement referred to Fines Victoria for follow up. In some instances, the matter may be referred to Court.

Contesting an infringement notice

If you believe you have been unfairly issued with a fine, or there is a valid reason your fine should be withdrawn, you may be able to ask for an internal review. You can request only one internal review for each infringement.

The Application to Review Infringement Notice outlines the grounds in which an infringement can be reviewed. If you believe you meet the criteria, complete and return the review form, along with any required supporting evidence to council, either by post or email.

Coordinator Community Safety
Locked Bag 685 / 111 Brown Street

All applications for internal review are referred to an impartial internal review panel and may take up to 28 days to process. Once an application to review an infringement has been submitted, the fine is placed on hold until a review decision is made. During this time, no further fees will be added.

You will be notified of the internal review outcome decision in writing. If the internal review decision is found in your favour, the fine will be withdrawn.

If the internal review upholds the original decision, you will be given additional time to pay the infringement. Alternatively, you may wish to apply for a payment plan.