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Tarrington Structure Plan

The Project

What is it about?
The Tarrington Structure Plan examines how the community would like their town to look and feel in the next 20 years and what facilities and services they would like to be able to enjoy. It’s all about making sure that Tarrington maintains its unique character while fostering sustainable growth and prosperity.

Project Stages

Council commenced work on the Structure Plan for Tarrington, which has received funding from the State Government’s Regional Growth Fund program ‘Planning for Tomorrow (Putting Locals First) in August 2012.

A call for nominations for the Project Steering Committee was issued in August, with ten local community nominations received and ten community members appointed to the Committee.

The Project Steering Committee met on 23 October 2012 to provide feedback on the suite of community and stakeholder engagement activities to be included in the Tarrington Structure Plan Community Engagement Strategy.

A Technical Reference Group has also been formed comprising a broad cross-section of local and state government departments, public agencies and service providers. This group will provide critical technical advice to the project team to support, inform and review the project as it develops.

Laternenfest Engagement

The project team held a stall and graphical display at the Laternenfest event on Friday, 30 November 2012. The stall was well attended, with visitors and community members providing feedback to the team via a community ‘post card’ survey.

Background Report

Council sought public feedback on the Background Report during February-March 2013, including a full day enquiry-by -design workshop held at the Tarrington Lutheran School on February 24 2012. The workshop provided an opportunity for the community to collaborate together on a vision for the Township and to develop ideas and solutions on a range of key issues affecting the community, which are identified in the Draft Background Report.

The Background Report was adopted in May 2013 after changes were made to the report to incorporate the findings of the workshop and outline the key issues and opportunities to be further explored as part of the Tarrington Structure Plan.

The final background documents, including technical assessments, can be downloaded via the links the below.

Document Purpose and Context Key Components
Tarrington Structure Plan (Part A) •To guide the broader land use and development of the Township. • To address both the development of public and community assets in streets, parks and walkways, and sets private development parameters for preferred land uses and other relevant matters. •Outline and scope of the Structure Plan. • Strategic Context. • Draft Tarrington Township ‘vision’. • Tarrington Structure Plan map. • Key Directions and objectives and strategies to achieve the Key Directions. • Urban Design Guidelines. • Tarrington Character Precincts map.
Implementation and Concept Master Plans (Part B) • To provide guidance on the statutory implementation of the Tarrington Structure Plan, including guidance on changes required to the Planning Scheme to implement the Tarrington Structure Plan. • To improve the function and image of the Tarrington Community Park and Tarrington ‘Town Centre’ and to provide guidance on the development of residential growth opportunities which take into account servicing and character considerations through the Picnic Road Masterplan. • To provide guidance on the implementation of the master plans including time frames, responsibilities, indicative costs and funding strategies. • To provide guidance for public realm improvements. • Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments Table. • Proposed Zones and Overlays Map. • Land Budget. • Master Plan maps. • Master Plan implementation tables. • Master Plan cross-sections and visualisations/sketches for Master Plans to demonstrate Master Plan items. • Proposed Materials Palette.
Appendices (Part C) • To provide guidance in species selection for street and park trees. • To provide an outline of Consultation activities, learnings and findings. • To provide an outline of relevant State and Local Planning Policies within the Southern Grampians Planning Scheme. • To provide direction on the wording and objectives of the proposed Design and Development Overlays. • Proposed tree replacement species and planting list for street trees and park trees in Tarrington. • Consultation summary from the Laternenfest (2012), “Tarrington Talks” Enquiry by Design and Master Plan Workshop (2013) activities. • Outline of relevant State and Local Planning Policies and how they relate to the Tarrington Structure Plan. • Indicative design objectives and requirements for proposed Design and Development Overlays.
Waste Water Design Guidelines (Part D) • To facilitate the development and preparation of the Tarrington Structure Plan recommendations as it relates to waste water issues. • To provide an assessment of Tarrington’s waste water infrastructure. • To provide an analysis of options for improved waste water treatment systems, including recommendations on the costs and overall feasibility of implementing these systems. • Site Assessment (typography and sub-surface soil profiles) • Review of current waste water management and Land Capability Assessments in Tarrington. • Review of relevant regulations and legislation. • Options analysis for wastewater treatment and disposal. • Recommendations for wastewater treatment. • Demonstrated waste water system alternative (Picnic Road Master Plan)

Latest News

The Tarrington Structure Plan is comprised of four key documents:
• Tarrington Structure Plan (Part A)
• Implementation and Master Plans (Part B)
• Appendices (Part C)
• Waste Water Design Guidelines (Part D)

Further Information

For regular updates on the Tarrington Structure Plan project, please visit this webpage or Tarrington’s community facebook page

For specific enquiries about the project or Council’s strategic planning program, please contact Council’s Senior Strategic Planner, on 5573 0444 or

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