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Family Day Care

Council is proud to offer Family Day Care – a Federal Government-approved, early years’ education and care service.

You’ll find that all Family Day Care locations are limited to small groups of children (no more than four preschool children, and no more than seven children attending school) and may include the educator’s own children.

Our Family Day Care service is designed to be flexible, whenever possible, to suit your needs as a parent, whether you’re working, seeking employment, undertaking study or training. We also aim to help if you have a child with special needs, or simply need time for appointments or respite care.

For such reasons, we offer a wide range of child education and care, including:

  • Full-time care
  • Part-time care
  • Casual/Occasional care
  • Overnight/Weekend/24-hour care (by approval)
  • Before/After school care
  • School holiday care

For your reference, our Family Day Care operates under the Education and Care Services National Law, Regulations and Quality Framework. Our service is currently rated as Meeting in five and Exceeding in two of the seven Quality Standards.

Furthermore, our Family Day Care service receives financial support from the Commonwealth Government, under the Community Support Programme.

Family Day Care Coordination Unit

Council's Family Day Care Coordination Unit is made up of qualified, early childhood professionals who oversee our Family Day Care services program.

How our team helps educators:

  • Recruit, monitor and support the network of educators throughout the Shire
  • Assist educators in providing an education and care program that caters to child development as a whole, and meets the Quality Standards and Early Years Frameworks

How our team helps your family:

  • Assist you in accessing education and care that meets your child’s needs
  • Provide you with information on family and child services available within the Shire
  • Advocate for children, families and early years services

Family Assistance

All families using our Family Day Care services are eligible to apply for the Federal Government Child Care Benefit Subsidy, which is mean-tested based on your family taxable income.

The Child Care Benefit Subsidy is designed to directly reduce the fortnightly cost of childcare. If your family uses child care because of work commitments, you’ll also receive the Federal Government Child Care Rebate, which covers 50% of your out-of-pocket costs.

Becoming a Family Day Care Educator

If you are interested in a career in early childhood you could consider becoming a Family Day Care educator. While enjoying the challenge of running your own small business under contract with the Shire, you’ll receive many benefits of becoming a Family Day Care educator. These include:

Choosing your own educating days and hours
You’ll be able to make a difference for children within our community on a schedule that works for you.

Being there for your own children
Working from your own home or approved venue allows you to also teach and care for your own children, at the same time.

Becoming a member of a supportive network
You’ll receive the encouragement and guidance of other early childhood professionals within our community. This also includes the support of our Coordination Unit staff.

Gaining low-cost career development
You’ll automatically be entitled to minimal or no-cost professional development, through the Shire.

Receiving tax benefits
You’ll be able to register for GST, and receive back all GST you pay on business expenses. Furthermore, all costs related to running your business are tax deductible.

You set your own hourly fees, which are charged on behalf of the Shire. Changes/increases to fees are submitted for approval to the Coordination Unit on an annual basis. You receive full payment fortnightly direct from the Shire.

The booked fee range for 2019-2020 is from $8.50 per hour per child up to $10.00 per hour per child plus $1.40 per hour per child levy. Eligible families can apply to receive the Government payment of child care subsidy which is paid directly to Council and families receive as reduced fees.

An Educator Administration fee of $22.50 per week for each week worked is paid to the Council from your fortnightly payment.

Getting help with setup
You may have the opportunity to apply for an interest-free loan to assist with the costs of setting up your own business.

Interested in using our Family Day Care Service?

If you are interested in learning more about Council's Family Day Care Service please contact our Coordination Unit:

Family Day Care Coordinators
Kim Ayling and Leesa Hayes
Frances Hewett Community Centre
2 Roberts Street
Hamilton Vic 3300
Phone (03) 5551 8484

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