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Rural Land Use Strategy

Have your say - Virtual engagement session

As part of the community engagement process for the Rural Land Use Strategy, a virtual session is scheduled to be held on Thursday 2 December 2021, commencing at 6:00pm.

You can join using the link below from 6:00pm:

Rural Land Use Strategy

What is RLUS?
The Rural Land Use Strategy (RLUS) provides high-level strategic direction and guidance for land use activities across the Farming Zone in Southern Grampians Shire. The purpose of preparing a RLUS is to identify and address existing and emerging rural land use issues. Future planning scheme amendments may be generated from RLUS where the existing policy settings and standards found in the planning scheme are no longer relevant or appropriate.

Key elements of the Strategic Planning Framework and the role of RLUS
RLUS is a key strategic platform but it is not the only strategic document to address rural land use in the shire, the following diagram provides a representation of RLUS’ relationship to these other strategies.


The study area incorporates all land within the Farming Zone, Rural Conservation Zone and Rural Activity Zone within Southern Grampians Shire.

The Rural Living Zone was not included in the scope of this study. Some recommendations are made about the future supply of land in the Rural Living Zone to meet the demand for rural lifestyle. The RLUS does not include land within the Rural Living Zone, Low Density Residential Zone, Public Land or Crown Land or land within Township boundaries.


Public Exhibition of RLUS
Council is seeking feedback from rural landholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing our rural areas of the Shire and ways our planning policies can support ongoing sustainable use in the future.

All feedback will be considered in the preparation of a final Rural Land Use Strategy and be presented to Council for adoption. The final Strategy may be modified, if required based on community and stakeholder feedback.

This will inform the next stage of the Rural Land Use Strategy and eventually will inform future changes to the Southern Grampians Planning Scheme. There will be further opportunity for public comment when a Planning Scheme Amendment is publicly exhibited.

You can view a copy of the following documents here:

• FAQs and Information Sheets
• The Draft Rural Land Use Strategy
• The Background Paper to the RLUS


Phases of RLUS
There is a four-phase process for RLUS:

How to have your say?
Council is open to all feedback from rural landowners, community members and other stakeholders before finalising the Rural Land Use Strategy. Please complete the online survey here or by attending a community workshop.

Please email your submissions to If you have any questions, please contact Council's Strategic Planning Unit, by phone 03 5573 0269 or via email.

**Feedback closes 6 December 2021.

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