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Plants and Animals

Emergencies involving plants and animals

Emergencies involving plants and animals have potential to cause great harm to the agricultural base of our economy.
This could be plant pests and diseases, pest plagues or emergency animal diseases.

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) is the control agency for:

Agricultural or veterinary chemical contamination of livestock or agricultural produce
Biosecurity incursions, including:

• exotic animal disease outbreaks (including in fish and bees)
• plant pest or disease outbreaks (including plague locusts)
• invasive plant and animal incursions
• rapid and significant increases in established pest populations (vertebrate pests and plagues)

Agriculture Victoria is their agency that carries the responsibility for biorsecurity and related emergency response.

Biosecurity arrangements in place at our livestock exchange are important preventative measures.

Council has a livestock standstill plan for the livestock exchange that is required to be implemented for the outbreak of an exotic animal disease that affects stock.

Emergency Contacts

Agriculture Victoria
136 186

Emergency Animal Disease Hotline - If you suspect any emergency animal disease.
1800 675 888

Exotic Plant Pest Hotline - If you suspect you’ve found a new plant pest or disease.
1800 084 881

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