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Workshops and Seminars

Generating Cash Flow Workshop

This face to face workshop is designed to help identify the key cash flow drivers in business and provide ways of improving operational activities that will immediately improve cash flow.

The topics covered include:

Profit versus cash
Cash conversion cycle
Suppliers and cash flow
Improving your customer collections
Marketing and cash flow
How to prepare a cash flow forecast

Date: 2 Feb 2023
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Martin.J.Hynes 5 Market Place Hamilton

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Social Media and Content Marketing Workshop

This face-to-face workshop is designed to give small businesses the tools, strategies, and knowledge on how to grow their business online. 

The topics covered include:

Investigating the different ways your business can sell online
Automating business processes to increase efficiencies
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Systems Mechanisms of online marketing
Digital disruption and the impact to your business
Date: 18 May 2023
Time: 5:45pm - 8.45pm
Location: Martin.J.Hynes 5 Market Place Hamilton 

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Business Victoria

Business Victoria, which is a State Government initiative, is a useful resource providing businesses with support and advice on marketing, sales and online, hiring and managing staff and exporting. Business Victoria also offers useful advice on starting and setting up a business including this checklist.

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