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Workshops and Seminars

Profile Building and Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the first platforms people visit to learn more about you. Think of it as a modern resume, a personal profile that will help you build strong professional networks. Having a LinkedIn profile can position you as an influencer and add credibility to your business and brand. It can also drive traffic to your website.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool. Use it to make new connections, generate leads, and build your brand. It’s an effective method of recruiting new talent, so use it to access qualified job applicants.

Here's a quick taste of some of the topics we'll discuss:

The benefits of LinkedIn
Building an influential presence
Creating content to engage and drive traffic to your website
Rules and etiquette—how and how not to behave on LinkedIn
This workshop is for small business owners who want to:
Start a LinkedIn profile
Grow their LinkedIn following
Better utilise LinkedIn for your small business

Date: 10 June
Time: 12pm
Location: Online

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Making the most of SEO: Monitoring & Tracking

So, you’re up to speed on the basics of SEO and you’re writing keyword-driven content to help more customers find your website. Good for you! Now it’s time to ensure your handy SEO work is performing as it should be. This practical workshop will take you through the best go-to tools to monitor and track your website’s SEO performance, and ensure you’re driving the right traffic to your sales page.

It includes:
An overview of Google Analytics (GA)
GA and GA4 setup
GA an overview of Google Search Console (GSC)
Plus GSC setup and the different SEO rank tracking tools available - both paid and unpaid.

If these terms alone are enough to make you feel overwhelmed - don’t worry, you’re not alone. And after this workshop, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to make your website attract even more customers.
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Date: 17 June
Time: 12pm
Location: Online

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Content Creation – How to Create and Plan content for your Business

As a small business, you’ll never stop creating content. Website copy, product images, blog posts, social media posts, marketing videos, event listings, business articles—the list goes on. It’s all important but can quickly feel like it gets in the way of running your business. This workshop will show you simple and effective tools for planning, creating, and managing your content.

The other option is to outsource your content creation. This can be a sensible, efficient use of your time and money, if you would otherwise spend too long doing it yourself with mediocre results. This workshop will also go through how to find good copywriters, photographers, videographers, designers, and web developers without breaking the bank.

Here’s a quick taste of some of the topics we’ll discuss:

Create a content plan for your business
Repurpose content to reduce workload
Use different types of media to create content
Outsource content—where to find reliable copywriters?
This online workshop is for small business owners who want to:

More effectively attract and engage customers with content
Plan a content schedule that’s relevant to your audience
Learn tools and resources to ease the burden of creating content

Date: 21 June
Time: 12pm
Location: Online

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Create Marketing Campaigns with Mailchimp

Email marketing is a low-cost way to promote your small business. Frequent email campaigns can have a positive effect on brand loyalty and awareness if used to inform, engage and reward participants. So how do you make your campaign stand out in the surge of emails landing in a customer’s inbox daily?

Develop strategies that align with your business goals. Improve customer loyalty and market share. Send content that consumers value. You can take advantage of email marketing to encourage online sales, traffic to your online store, and authentic customer recommendations.

Here’s a quick taste of some of the topics we’ll discuss:

The significance or email marketing for your small business
Incorporating email marketing in your digital strategy
Building a targeted email list
Writing effective subject lines and campaign content
Creating engaging designs for your campaigns
Rules and etiquette—the dos and don’ts of email marketing
This workshop is for small business owners who want to:

Understand email marketing and its place in small business
Connect with customers—and stay connected
See how painless it is to bring subscribers into Mailchimp using imports and embedded signup forms
See how easily and quickly you can create, test and send a campaign using Mailchimp
Take a quick peek at Mailchimp’s automation features

Date: 28 June
Time: 12 pm
Location: Online

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Free Business Mentoring

We have engaged the services of several experienced independent business and support advisors to assist Greater Hamilton businesses through this crisis.

Colin Thompson, from the Small Business Mentoring Service can help you to understand and apply for the Economic Support packages offered by government and banks.

To arrange a time to speak with Colin or one of our other trusted advisors, contact Council’s Business Development Officer, Daniel Shaw, via or 0429 578 216.

Business Victoria

Business Victoria, which is a State Government initiative, is a useful resource providing businesses with support and advice on marketing, sales and online, hiring and managing staff and exporting. Business Victoria also offers useful advice on starting and setting up a business including this checklist.

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