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DISA Festival

The primary focus of the Festival is to showcase how rural communities are embracing new technology and innovative practices to gain an edge. Whether you are from a rural council, work on a farm or live in a rural community, you will learn from your peers who have taken up the challenge to break new ground using technology to build a greater future not only for themselves but for the region.

Greater Hamilton region is transforming into a Smart Connected Community that is a leading example of a successful digital economy for regional Australia and we invite you to become part of our journey.


The Greater Hamilton region has been positioning itself to take advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation can bring to a rural community. We have been working hard to develop a strong local digital
ecosystem that:
• provides for a more digitally connected community,
• builds an economy that can rapidly respond to the business opportunities in the digital area, and
• enhances the services we offer to our community.

It is crucial that we align ourselves with key partners in education, business and the community to create a healthy digital ecosystem that can achieve our goals of:
• creating digital pathways, careers and opportunities for our youth to retain them in our region,
• enticing more people and families to the area by not only offering a great lifestyle but digital connectedness,
• enabling business innovation for current and new businesses to grow, and
• attracting greater visitation to the area using digital solutions that help us stand apart from the rest of the market.

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