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Digital Transformation

Southern Grampians Shire Council's ‘Digital Transformation of a Rural Community’ project aims to ensure that the community takes advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation provides.

What is a 'Smart Community'?

A Smart Southern Grampians Community, is a place that improves quality of life, prosperity and sustainability for its people, by using technology in optimising processes, solving challenges proactively, building intelligence and productivity, and facilitating proactive and meaningfully engagement between all stakeholders.


www.connectGH, is Council's Smart Community and Open Data Portal. Via this platform, Council intend to make live data publically available for anyone to use. Take a look at the various datasets on offer as well as the live dashboards of things like weather and parking bay statuses.

Smart Communities Strategic Roadmap

The following is an excerpt taken from the ‘Southern Grampians Shire Council (SGSC) Smart Community Framework’. The sections shown here outlines the roadmap and phased approach that Council will aim to undertake to transition our region into a Smart Connected Rural Community. It also provide a brief summary and the benefits of each area of focus.

The Framework was constructed based on feedback from a number of local businesses and organisations, subject matter experts and council representatives. Although the following references specific sites and types of solutions this is not a commitment by Council. As part of each phase, Council along with key external stakeholders will be reviewing the recommendations to ensure each focus area is still relevant and any solution implemented is targeted to achieve the desired outcomes for the Community and Council.

Digital Strategy

A Digital Strategy describes a pathway to take advantage of the opportunities in the digital age, enabled by high speed broadband Internet. This Strategy identifies the opportunities in the Southern Grampians and Glenelg Shires.

Both Shires will benefit from the staged rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), and this will change the way our community uses the Internet, opening up new possibilities.

A strong local digital ecosystem will be needed to take full advantage of the NBN and traditional broadband Internet. A local digital ecosystem recognises that it takes more than infrastructure to realise these new opportunities. Also necessary are:
• Skills and capacity – technical ability, modern business skills
• Culture –leadership, entrepreneurism and curiosity
• Products and services – telecommunications product, online groups and sites
• Infrastructure – quality, speed, reliability and cost of Internet (Figure 1).

This Strategy focuses on how we can develop a strong local digital ecosystem. It provides a pathway for developing:
• A more digitally connected community.
• An economy that can rapidly respond to the business opportunities in the digital area.
• Council leadership in providing digital services for the community.

Southern Grampians and Glenelg Shire Digital Strategy

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