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Kerbside Waste Collection Services

Council provides residents in all towns with a garbage, recycling and FOGO (food organics and garden organics) collection.

Non-residential properties may also apply to access the kerbside service.

Click below to view your next pick up date and download your calendar.

Kerbside Collection Dates and Calendars

Enter your address here to find your next pick up date and download your calendar.

Bin Collection Services

Collection services are usually restricted to the township boundaries. However, if you live outside these boundaries or on a main road between serviced towns, you may contact Council on 5573 0444 to discuss whether your property can be included in the service.

Please put your bin out the night before, as collection times may vary.

Non-Residential Properties

Commercial and industrial properties, in addition to “not for profit” organisations (including schools, churches, hospitals etc.) may apply to Council for the waste, recycling and FOGO kerbside service by filling in the Non-Residential Kerbside Collection Application Form 2020-21 .

Which bin is which?

Council is phasing in the Australian Standard for kerbside bin colours which is:

Garbage - dark green base with red lid (older bins will have a dark green base and lid)
Recycling - dark green base with yellow lid
Organics - dark green base with lime green lid (older bins will have a maroon base and lime green lid)

To view bin colours click here.

Exemption for derelict houses

Properties with a house that is not habitable may apply for an exemption from the compulsory kerbside waste charge. The owner will need to provide a demolition permit. Please use the online application form.

Bin Notices

Our waste contractor may place a sticker on your garbage, FOGO or recycling bin to notify you of problems with your bin, such as contamination, access issues or excessive bin weight.

If you have received a sticker on your bin, please make the necessary improvements so that we may continue to service your property.

Reporting a Missed Bin Collection

To report a missed bin, please contact Customer Service on 5573 0444.

Replacing Bins

Bins are the property of the customer. Should your bin be lost or stolen, it will need to be replaced at your cost. Payment for bins can be made at Council's Customer Service at 111 Brown Street, Hamilton.

If your bin is damaged during collection, please contact Customer Service on 5573 0444.

For further information on Council Waste Services visit our Waste & Recycling page.

Customer Service
111 Brown Street
Hamilton Vic 3300
Phone (03) 5573 0444

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