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Hamilton Flood Investigation

The Project

What is it about?
The Hamilton Flood Investigation has been jointly funded through the Australian Federal and State Government’s ‘Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme’ and the Southern Grampians Shire Council and was undertaken in order to update flood hazard data and mapping to:

  • assist the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority assess flood risk
  • assist Southern Grampians Shire Council to consider flood risk for development
  • provide greater surety to development
  • avoid unnecessary increases in flood related damage to private and public property
  • identify areas where flood mitigation may be required
  • assist relevant public authorities in their flood response planning

Project Stages

The investigation commenced in August 2011 after Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (GHCMA), in partnership with the Southern Grampians Shire Council (SGSC), appointed Cardno Pty Ltd as the project consultants.

Background research and information gathering
Upon commencement of the study the project team:

  • Undertook a comprehensive review of the relevant policies and guidelines to inform their approach to the investigation
  • Researched and documented existing available information of relevance to the study as part of a Gap Analysis to identify the key data required to develop robust hydrological and hydraulic models
  • Collated existing aerial and ground surveys and additional ground / river surveys to provide a detailed database to facilitate the preparation of a calibrated hydraulic model and flood inundation maps that meet the study requirements

A two day consultation session was held at the Hamilton Sheepvention (2011) where the project consultants spoke with numerous members of the community and captured information regarding historic peak flood heights and extents. Photographs of past flood events and other contextual data were gathered from the community during this part of the investigation and have been included within the final report.


After all the current available data and new data was gathered, the project consultants set up, calibrated and validated suitable hydrologic and hydraulic models to determine the flood level extents and delineate the flood way areas within the study area.

A public notice was issued in the Hamilton Spectator to invite the community to view the preliminary flood extents at an ‘Open House’ display held on 2 May 2012 and letters of invitation were sent directly to affected landholders and occupiers. The session was hosted by members of the project team including the consultants, Cardno, and officers from the GHCMA, SGSC and VicSES.

Latest News

Final draft Flood Investigation Report
The report was finalised in August 2011 after receiving feedback from the community, the Technical Steering Committee and the project partners.

The investigation has determined the 1% Annual Exceedence Probability (AEP) flood extent for the flood plains of the Grange Burn and other minor tributaries in and around Hamilton (study area shown below) through extensive flood investigations and a comprehensive analysis of available data.

Key deliverables of the project include:

  • A report of the Hamilton Flood Investigation;
  • Digital floodplain maps showing both floodplain and floodway areas;
  • Economic damage assessment;
  • Mitigation option assessment and risk assessment;
  • Victoria Flood Data (VFD) compliant datasets;
  • Draft Planning Scheme Amendment documentation; and
  • Draft Municipal Flood Emergency Plan & Municipal Emergency Management Plan Appendices.

Further Information

An executive summary of the report can be accessed using the ‘download link’ below. A full copy of the report and appendices can be viewed at Council's Market Place Business Centre, 1 Market Place, Hamilton.

To request a full copy of the Report please contact Council’s Planning Department on (03) 5573 0444 or

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