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Council will often have publications, documents or policies on public exhibition that outline the goals and approaches for Council service delivery and community planning. These documents can be reviewed at the Council offices or alternatively, on this page.

Public Transport Advocacy - Share Your Story

Council is seeking engagement and personal stories from the community to highlight the need for improved public transport in our region. In the recent 'Hamilton Moves' project engagement, better public transport connections was a frequent suggestion.

Regional bus services from Hamilton to key regional centres such as Ballarat, Mt Gambier and Warrnambool are of particular concern. We know access to Ballarat is critical for residents to effectively access employment, social connectedness, and essential medical appointments. We know access to Warrnambool is critical for hundreds of South West TAFE students who rely on being in Warrnambool for workshop/technical training. Currently there is no service that allows residents to complete a days work or study with return to the region in the same day. Warrnambool and Ballarat are key locations for medical services not available in Hamilton along with other support services. Public transport access into Coleraine is also severely limited and would be addressed with an improved coach service.

Ahead of the upcoming State election, we're calling on a commitment to improved public transport for our region and we need your help.

We want to hear from you. Tell us the challenges you have faced because of the lack of adequate public transport in Southern Grampians Shire.

Click on our map or survey and add in your comments to help us achieve better Public Transport services in our region!

Share your public transport stories with us via this link and lend your voice to the campaign for better public transport for Southern Grampians Shire.

Hamilton Moves


Have your say and tell us how you move around Hamilton as part of Hamilton Moves - an integrated transport plan for a connected regional centre.

Funded by the Department of Transport, the Hamilton Moves project will allow Council to assess local needs to better understand current mobility patterns and to ultimately build a comprehensive map of Hamilton’s transport activities.

The study will help to gain a better understanding of how residents travel around the town, identifying where there may be connectivity issues and opportunities to improve.

So tell us what would make your journey better.

Would you ride into the CBD more if there were less trucks and more bike paths? Would you walk to work if there were better footpaths connections or maybe you avoid driving certain roads because they’re too dangerous or congested at peak times?

To provide feedback, drop a pin on our social mapping tool and leave a comment on something you like or a problem you’ve identified. We will also have maps available at our library for those who would rather give their comments in person.

You can provide your feedback and suggestions online here.

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