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Grants and Funding

The Greater Grants Program is designed to help build our region by giving community groups a funding source to undertake new or growing initiatives, projects, or events that benefit the Southern Grampians Shire.

Does your community group have a project that needs a little extra funding support to help get it off the ground? The Greater Grants Program could be for you.

Here are the successful projects funded through Round One 2018/19 Greater Grants Program


Please note:
- Grants under $2,500 will be notified of the outcome on Thursday 28 February 2019
- Grants over $2,500 will be notified of the outcome on Thursday 14 March 2019

Grant Categories

There are grants available under six different categories. Each grant category has a different contact person who is happy to discuss your project/event and assist you with any questions you may have.

Call 03 5573 0444 to speak to the relevant staff member.

Arts and Culture Development Grants
- Contact: Manager Performing Arts
Funding designed to assist groups or individuals realise creative projects. This could include supporting partnerships between creative practitioners and community groups and assist both to realise projects that:
• Enliven public places and spaces;
• Are Innovative, creative and responsive to the needs of the community;
• Reflect the region’s identity and tell our stories to residents and visitors;
• Cultivate and support the creative sector to grow and thrive.

Community Infrastructure Grants
- Contact: Manager Recreation
Funding designed to assist groups to enhance, improve, or renew physical assets. This could include:
• Assisting in the provision of new facilities;
• The extension or modification of existing facilities;
• The purchase of equipment or major maintenance to existing facilities which is considered by Council to be of a capital nature.

Applications will be considered ineligible for funding if they are:
• Outside the Southern Grampians Shire Council boundaries;
• Projects considered the responsibility of other Government/statutory bodies;
• Applications for Club administration costs i.e. rates, utilities etc; and
• Projects that are a clear duplication of an existing service.

Community Strengthening Grants
- Contact: Community Engagement Coordinators
Funding designed to assist groups to enhance, improve or renew social assets. This could include:
• Meet a community need and make the community a better place to live;
• Provide benefits and opportunities for people in the community to build skills – take part on social, recreation and educational activities;
• Supporting initiatives that build or strengthen community connections;
• Improve health and wellbeing and / or improve sense of community;
• Initiatives can be whole of community or only for a targeted group (eg. Youth, seniors) but need to be inclusive to all members of that group; and
• Ensure social inclusion and increase participation in the community.

Environmental Sustainability Grants
- Contact: Sustainability Coordinator or Biodiversity Officer
Funding designed to assist groups to protect or improve the natural environment. This includes:
• Supporting the community to develop and promote projects which contribute toward environmental or sustainability objectives of the Council Plan, Sustainability Strategy 2010-20 or a local Community Plan.

Heritage Grants
- Contact: Planning Administration Officer
Funding designed to assist in maintaining, documenting or restoring items of historical significance with preference given to those in the public realm. This could include:
• Promote the care and conservation of our heritage places / objects by assisting with the maintenance, restoration and documenting of these places / objects which help to tell the stories of the Shire; and
• Restoration of commercial retail precincts to ensure compliance with the Heritage register and planning controls.

Tourism and Events Grants
- Contact: Events Marketing and Development Officer
Funding designed to assist groups to develop, enhance, or promote a new or growing event or tourism product. Event funding is designed to provide seed funding for new projects, or to fund innovative elements of events that will have an economic benefit to the region. Projects could include:
• Development of contemporary marketing collateral, websites, visual content or printed materials;
• Targeted advertising campaigns and strategic promotional activities;
• Items that contribute to professionalising the event e.g Venue hire, Equipment hire or signage; and
• Additional elements of an event which will engage new audiences
Funding cannot be used for operational or recurrent costs (salaries, insurance etc), donations, prize money or trophies. Funding will be processed after the completion of the project unless otherwise arranged with Council.

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