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Identified Damage - Community Assets

Community Assets

An application to release funds to support the reinstatement of community assets which are not covered by insurance, or eligible under category B (essential public infrastructure) claim has now been approved by the Premier and Prime Minister.

The total funding released through this category to Southern Grampians Shire Council is $2.02 million (including two positions to support project delivery)

Six major projects are listed for approval including:

  • the Coleraine and Cavendish walking tracks
  • the Coleraine Bowling Club Rooms
  • the Coleraine -Hamilton Rail Trail
  • Lake Hamilton/Grange burn walking track
  • Coleraine tennis/Netball court repair (part insurance)
  • the Dunkeld walking track

Applications will also be made for a number of minor grants to support projects such as replacing flood damaged equipment at Coleraine Cricket Club and reinstating the fence around the Turnbull Street oval.

Insurance repairs

The insurance claim for damage is expected to be approximately $1.5 million across a number of facilities. Much of the smaller works across the shire have been completed. Some works have been completed in Coleraine, Hamilton, Byaduk, and Cavendish but there are still several projects underway.

There are some larger projects that are still awaiting confirmation from the insurance companies that the repair works can commence, including the following in Coleraine:

  • The tennis court and netball courts have had their foundations tested to check if the flood has resulted in damage below the asphalt surfaces. The Geotechnical report has indicated that there is significant damage to the subsurface and a request to re-build the courts is currently being assessed by the insurance company.
  • The bowling green has also been submitted to the insurance company for review, requesting that the surface and under felt be replaced due to damage from silt. The request will be referred by the loss adjuster to the insurance companies for assessment.
  • Coleraine caravan park has reopened after significant flood damages have been repaired.

This is not a comprehensive list, other projects are still to be completed across a number of townships.

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