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Council will often have publications, documents or policies on public exhibition that outline the goals and approaches for Council service delivery and community planning. These documents can be reviewed at the Council offices or alternatively, on this page.

If no documents are listed on this page, there are no public exhibition at present.

Draft Street Tree Asset Management Plan

The Draft Street Tree Asset Management Plan was developed to provide a framework for Council to manage existing street trees and provide guidance for future plantings to enhance the benefits of the street trees, while mitigating the disadvantages. It addresses issues associated with the Council’s urban and street trees including selection of species in each town, maintenance of trees, removal process and management of significant trees.

The Plan provides principles and actions to deal with the following aspects of street and urban park trees:
• Provides a framework for tree management
• Treat trees as assets and manage accordingly
• Risk management
• Inspections
• Forward planning for tree plantings
• Tree removal procedure
• Allocates responsibilities across Council to specific positions
• Utilises best practice (eg. tree protection, pruning )
• Involves community
• Protects significant trees
• Incorporate Community Plans/Structure plans/Urban Design Frameworks
• Includes a draft list of 110 suitable tree species

The Plan DOES NOT define the landscape character of each town, provide a tree planting program or determine what species should be planted where. These are all actions included in the plan and will require consideration from Council in future budgeting and work planning processes.

The Draft Plan was presented to Council on 12 December 2018 and now requires community consultation and feedback. It is important to seek input from the community because street trees are of interest to many residents and cooperation from the community is a necessary factor for success of street tree plantings.

The Draft Plan is available to view here or can be viewed in hard copy at:
• Hamilton Library
• Mobile Library
• Brown St Customer Service Centre
• Market Place Customer Service Centre

In addition to the above, community meetings will be held in each town in order to enable as much feedback as possible on the plan. Details will be available in early 2019.

Comments and feedback may be emailed to or sent by post to

Street Tree Asset Management Plan
Southern Grampians Shire Council
Locked Bag 685
HAMILTON, Vic 3300.

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